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Emerson offers to acquire NI

January 17, 2023 Emerson issued at press release announcing that it is offering an all-cash offer to acquire NI at a share price of $53, a historic high. In its press release Emerson also supplied additional information encouraging NI shareholders to accept the offer.  It also chronicled the timeline of its contacts (including correspondence since […]

NI Announces two acquisitions

NI today announced two acquisitions ahead of its earnings announcement later today, October 28, 2021. The size and terms of the acquisitions were not announced. NI Management will share more insight into these acquisitions as part of the Q3 2021 earnings call today at 4:00 p.m. CT at or dial (855) 212-2361 and […]

NI ReConnect in Copenhagen

NI ReConnect: Copenhagen October 7, 2021 by Carsten Thomsen After a lengthy COVID pause, it was good to get together for an NI ReConnect event in “Kødtorvet” (The Meat Market) in Copenhagen, organized by C.N. Rood, the distributor for NI Products in Denmark and other countries. Attendance was about 50 individuals, compared to pre-COVID attendance […]

The history of NI’s logos

History of NI Logo John Graff 1976 – First company logo. Dr. T and Jeff Kodosky trace an oval from an office trash can to create the design of the first NI logo. 1979 – First stylized logo with the “NI Eagle” logomark. NI paid an agency called The Marketing Group out of Dallas $1500 […]

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Floating Point Processor found after 15 years!

by Carsten Thomsen Yes, it’s the slide rule, a basic tool for engineering for many years before the days of electronic calculators. When I visited Dr. T in July 2021, he showed me his slide rule which had powered him though his engineering and physics studies. Unfortunately, it had disappeared, but was returned after being […]

Time Machine 1989

Thanks to Vance Carter for this photo and Ash Razdan for helping identify people, time and location. Location: National Instruments facility on 12109 Technology Blvd, Austin TX 78759. The space was leased in an office strip mall, and if I recall correctly, other companies in the space included Austin-based PC clone manufacturer CompuAdd corporation. The […]

NI-llionaire Revived!

Thanks to Nick Velychko from New Zealand (who started with LabVIEW 3.1) for converting the LabVIEW 5 code to LabVIEW 2018. So here it is a video screen capture live on YouTube: and if you want to customize it yourself, Nick’s source code (LabVIEW 2018) is available at the following link. (Does not run […]


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3 replies on “News!”

Yes we did my fiend. The STS story is a very interesting one I hope you help me document it to share with others. I love you Hank – without you STS would have never happened!

I (along with my company) was very fortunate to have been brought into the NI STS efforts early in the platform development. We had a mutual customer that was interested in evaluating the potential of the platform and it was the beginning of a relationship that continues to be rewarding on both a professional and personal level.

The entire STS team went to great lengths to ensure we could be successful and positioned to support future STS business opportunities. Ron allowed us access to multitudes of NI resources without question and Hank served as the ever patient mentor helping us to see the potential of STS.

In a business where everything is dictated by the next technical challenge, Hank managed to make it a very personal effort for me. We developed a friendship that continues to this day and I will always be appreciative for the opportunities that we continue to see as part of the STS .

The energy and enthusiasm of the STS team was contagious and allowed a small company to be directly vested in the NI success, which is pretty incredible in this industry.

Thanks for everything guys!


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