Customer Experiences

This page collects customer experiences with NI products. We request that you as NI product users contribute significantly to this page. They may include successful applications, as well as failures. We are looking at all fields, from education, research, non-profit and NGO applications, government and industry. Also, when possible, applications where the end user in not public, but when a general description is possible, could also be considered.

When you submit your experience, you must go to the author page which describes how we validate authors and provide a submission mechanism. Since this may include company confidentail information, we require that the information provided has official company approval for its release.

Please factual and objective in describing the application and its success or lack thereof. For example, instead of calling an application “wildly successful” note that it has been used by more than xxx customers or yyy installed seats.

Small or applications which are non-sensitive may be submitted directly in the comments field.