Dr. T’isms overview

Dr T isms

  1. Genius in Fortune Cookie
  2. AND vs. OR
  3. Where should you start?
  4. The ambitious goal
  5. The … is the instrument
  6. Understand other Viewpoints
  7. Learn to fish
  8. Turtles take risks
  9. Understand Customer Needs
  10. Timely advice from mother
  11. The Will to Succeed
  12. Frugal?
  13. Trigger Happy
  14. Pessimist or Optimist?
  15. Complexity of Markets: Why?
  16. How not to play soccer
  17. Any Road will take you there
  18. How to Fell a Great Oak
  19. The most important stakeholder
  20. Where are the future customers?
  21. The Big and Little “I” of Integration
  22. PCID?
  23. Improve dumb luck chances
  24. Ecosystem
  25. Big Data: Is it a New Concept?
  26. The time for wine
  27. Few, simple rules
  28. Five Reasons for Success at NI:
  29. *How to conquer the Castle
  30. *How to beat the competitors
  31. *What are the hardest plans
  32. *They wanted a better BASIC
  33. *Extending TQM the NI Way
  34. Importance of Quarterly Earnings? to List

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