Dr. Truchard and Jeff Kodosky National Inventors Hall of Fame

On May 2, 2019 Dr. T. and Jeff K. were inducted in the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

Video Courtesy of Ron Wolfe

Along the other Inductees was Ken Thompson, inventor of the UNIX operating system which was used for the first system built by Jeff K. and Dr. T. You can watch the full video here along with the speeches. Also below is a brief video also featuring the other inductees.

One reply on “Dr. Truchard and Jeff Kodosky National Inventors Hall of Fame”

Ron, I didn’t realize you were creating this blog. It is a wonderful initiative to celebrate these remarkable individuals who were founders of a company that is iconic. They created a sustainable business culture that helped so many of us learn how to work, produce, achieve goals, be humble to the customer, grow and develop. Thank you for doing this. I’m not sure what I go on to achieve (perhaps nothing) further in my life but if its any good and of real social and business value then I will owe it to Dr. T and Jeff (not to minimize the role of so many more foundational leaders that were such models in those days of National Instruments).


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