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Stories you may have missed:

National Instruments (now NI) has touched thousands of people world-wide, and we would like to ask your help to tell the story of this fantastic company. Much on this information on these pages is new, never published before.

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Help create this crowd-sourced “Living History of NI” by sharing your stories, photos, videos, audio or video interviews or other material.

If you are or have been associated with National Instruments for example as a customer, employee, supplier, or shareholder…or a family member of one of these, we invite you to contribute. Our colleagues in the industry are also invited to participate.

All great companies create a culture, a way of thinking and operating, best told in stories flowing in deep rivers of values and principles. By sharing these stories, you can help contribute with the “wisdom” of these to a wider audience. We hope this can be a significant addition to the uplifting NI engineering contributions through the years.

As a crowd-sourced blog, we’d like to solicit your ideas or stories.

Here is how you can contribute with your input.

Enjoy this website!

Carsten Thomsen and Ron Wolfe

This page is not associated with NI (National Instruments). You can read about us here.

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