NI Memorabilia

Upload your Photos or anecdotes: Simply add them in the Comments Section in the relevant category.

Help build the best collection of National Instruments/NI Memorabilia: T-Shirts, Pens and Pencils, Screwdrivers, NI Offices, Tradeshows, Advertisements and Printed Materials, NI Week Collectibles, NI Wear, your best and worst LabVIEW diagrams, etc.!

NI Wear

Open your closets and drawers and take some photos. Also photos of you posing in the NI wear would be great. By uploading you agree to have the photo posted publicly. If you have photos of people in NI wear in non-public occasions, you may need to have their permission to post.

Alliance Member Stuff


Banners and Tradeshows

Here a collection of world wide tradeshows, etc would be great

LabVIEW diagrams Best and Worst

This is the closest we let you come to showing dirty underwear


NI Offices

NI Week Stuff

We’d love to get a complete collection of a NI Week T-shirts etc. so please tag photo with year.

Office stuff, Pens, Mousepads

… and screwdrivers in action

Printed Materials

Includes photos of original software media, ads by NI and competitors, fliers, handouts, PDF’s of publicly released documents, etc.


Particularly early hardware and software products, discontinued products, but of course any or all products, also in actual applications.

Fun and Games and Humor

It’s OK to have fun!

Upload stories with large photo collections photos and videos to Dropbox here

Any questions: write to Carsten Thomsen

Additional upload info and fine print

Links to other websites

There are also a number of web-sites showing NI Memorabilia. Please do not scrape pictures from these but add them in the comments field.

LabVIEW Forums thread

LabVIEW Wiki

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