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Here you can add photos of people from NI through the years, from trade shows, group photos from get-togethers etc.

Use the comments Section to describe the photo(s) and upload one for more photos.

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Here are Greg Smiths original annotations. Would appreciate help in merging it with Ash Razdan’s.

recently discovered the attached NI Field Sales photo from what appears to be around 1992. I say “1992” because of the people I see in the photo PLUS I notice that I have both hair and a mustache in this pic. ha ha Let’s see if we (me plus anyone else who sees this pic) can name those we see.

Starting in the First Row, from left to right:
Jim Shaw, Owen Golden, me (Greg Smith), not sure who that is next to me, Pete Anderson, not sure who is next to Pete A, Tony O’Donnell, Dave Wilson

Second Row:
Kathleen Fahy (now Kathleen Pasquarette), Bryan Webb, Corrina , Lynn McCullouch (sp?), can’t remember who is next to Lynn, Bonnie Kelso, not sure who the next woman next to Bonnie is, then Karen (can’t remember her last name), then Pete Zogas, Bill Harrold, Charles Woolsey, and Preston Johnson.

Back Row:
Can’t remember the first two people on the left, then Mike (Seattle, can’t remember his last name), Jeff Steele, can’t tell who is next to Jeff, don’t remember the next 3 people, then Greg Crouch (I think), Davette Berry, Jim Goins, Lorraine Stipek, Sue Guzman, Aaron Schiele, Tony Vento, and I don’t remember the person next to Tony.

We were all so young back then! Nothing but good times together for sure!

Greg Smith

Ash Razdan has kindly started annotating the photo in Power Point. Both the photo and a Power Point version hereof is available. If you open the PowerPoint version you can annotate directly in, but just then create a new comment in which you attach the revised power point.

NI Sales 1992 Photo v2

Hint: To enlarge a photo, right click to open in new tab, and then you can zoom to see all their dimples and pimples.

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