Ron Wolfe: When did I work at NI?

When did you start working with NI?

I started in May of 1982 in Austin, Texas as a summer intern. I was in my senior/final year at UT studying Electrical Engineering.  I worked at NI that summer full time and also worked pretty much full time through my final fall semester (graduated in Dec 1982) because I only had 2 classes – marketing and golf.  So my official full time start date is listed as May 2, 1982.

When did you stop working with NI?

I took a “sabbatical” from NI in 2005 and came back to NI in September 2007.  I left NI again at the end of 2020. So in those 38 years I worked for NI for over 35 years – well over half my life. For my 20-year anniversary with NI in 2002 I received an award from Dr T at the company meeting at the Bass Concert Hall on the UT campus.  He gave me a nice plaque and I said a few words. Here is what I said: “Dr T, I’ve now worked for you for half of my life… half that time I’ve thought you were a genius, and the other half I’ve thought you were crazy.  I figure I was right about half the time!” Truer words have never been spoken! I’m blessed to have known and worked for and with him and all of you, and thankful for the wonderful journey and the career and the many friends and fun we’ve all had along the way.

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