The People of NI

…about people at all levels of the organization who built NI.

To get started, we’ll just put a few random names on the list, and ask you to add names, and also stories about the people who make a difference. You can add them to the comments section to this page and we will move them into the page.

Larry Anglin: Built an early prototype of an NI web site in 1993, some of it written in LabVIEW

Lisa Wells: Co-authored (with Jeffrey Travis) the first edition of “LabVIEW for Everyone” in 1997.

Scott Rust: Nick-named, large and in charge, with his 6 foot 6 stature, he drove the NI role in the IVI foundation and VXI Plug and Play Consortium, and is now Senior VP of Global R&D.

Gert Nilsson: Set-up and grew the NI office in Denmark from 1991.

Darren Nattinger: Winner in the “World’s Fastest LabVIEW Programmer” contest held at numerous NI Weeks. Also known for “Darren’s Nuggets” with practical LabVIEW tips and tricks. 

James Truchard

Jeff Kodosky

Bill Nowlin

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Hank Lydick: “Hank-the-Tank” for his tenacity with every BDM to create a Compelling Event for Customers to deploy Semiconductor Test System (STS). +200% Rate of Growth for over Five Years …

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