Time Machine 1989

Thanks to Vance Carter for this photo and Ash Razdan for helping identify people, time and location.

Location: National Instruments facility on 12109 Technology Blvd, Austin TX 78759. The space was leased in an office strip mall, and if I recall correctly, other companies in the space included Austin-based PC clone manufacturer CompuAdd corporation.

The photo was taken in 1989 in front of the NI facility and was the applications engineering department at the time. I believe it was taken for use in the NI catalog. I (Ash) started with most of them and to this day remain in touch with a few. From left to right.

David Potter

Carrie Hooper

Ash Razdan

John McKean

Alan Russi

Carl Heide

Vance Carter

Kathleen Fahy Pasquarette

Greg Crouch

Larry Anglin

Dave Schiebenhoffer

John Graff

If you have more photos from your NI days we’d appreciate if you share them.

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