Who Wants to be a NIllionaire?

Remember a company meeting in the late 1990s featuring a LabVIEW version of the famous British TV show?

On a recent “archeological dig”, I found the original LabVIEW source code for the game show: in LabVIEW 5.0.

We need your help for the following:

  • Please help us upgrade it to a more modern version of LabVIEW (I use 2018) so we can post it.
  • Contribute in the comments with your memories of the meeting, or if you have videos/photos from it
  • Find the contact info for Kris Fuller whose name was buried in the associated user guide. May he can chip in with a story about it.

The link to the source code LabVIEW files is

You can contact me at

Carsten Thomsen

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